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Amino Acid Abbreviations (IUPAC)

Authority       IUPAC-IUB Joint Commission on Biochemical  Nomenclature.
Reference       IUPAC-IUB JOint Commission on Biochemical   Nomenclature.
                Nomenclature   and    Symbolism   for   Amino   Acids   and  Peptides.
                Eur. J. Biochem. 138:9-37(1984).
Scope           /anticodon, /codon, /transl_except
Contact         EMBL

Listing (note that the abbreviations are legal values for amino acids,
not the full names)

        Abbreviation    Amino acid name
        ------------    ---------------

        Ala     A       Alanine
        Arg     R       Arginine
        Asn     N       Asparagine
        Asp     D       Aspartic acid (Aspartate)
        Cys     C       Cysteine
        Gln     Q       Glutamine
        Glu     E       Glutamic acid (Glutamate)
        Gly     G       Glycine
        His     H       Histidine
        Ile     I       Isoleucine
        Leu     L       Leucine
        Lys     K       Lysine
        Met     M       Methionine
        Phe     F       Phenylalanine
        Pro     P       Proline
        Ser     S       Serine
        Thr     T       Threonine
        Trp     W       Tryptophan
        Tyr     Y       Tyrosine
        Val     V       Valine
        Asx     B       Aspartic acid or Asparagine
        Glx     Z       Glutamine or Glutamic acid.
        Xaa     X       Any amino acid.
        TERM            termination codon

Source: Appendix V: Controlled Vocabularies, section 7.5.3: Amino acid abbreviations of the
DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Feature Table Definition, Version 6.0 Oct 15 2003

Molecular Biology Review
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