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Homologene:115470. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens ALDH1B1 NM_000692.4 NP_000683.3
P.troglodytes ALDH1B1 XM_003951434.1 XP_003951483.1
M.mulatta ALDH1B1 XM_001114412.2 XP_001114412.1
C.lupus ALDH1B1 XM_005626843.1 XP_005626900.1
B.taurus ALDH1B1 XM_005210187.1 XP_005210244.1
M.musculus Aldh1b1 NM_028270.4 NP_082546.1
R.norvegicus Aldh1b1 NM_001011975.1 NP_001011975.1
S.cerevisiae ALD4 NM_001183794.1 NP_015019.1
K.lactis KLLA0F00440g XM_455099.1 XP_455099.1
A.thaliana ALDH2B7 NM_102228.3 NP_564204.1
O.sativa Os06g0270900 NM_001063893.1 NP_001057358.1
O.sativa Os02g0730000 NM_001054545.1 NP_001048010.1
X.tropicalis aldh1b1 XM_004910893.1 XP_004910950.1

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