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Homologene:132326. Gene conserved in Boreoeutheria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens OR1L8 NM_001004454.1 NP_001004454.1
P.troglodytes LOC473044 XM_528414.3 XP_528414.3
C.lupus LOC100687372 XM_003435313.2 XP_003435361.2
B.taurus LOC511741 XM_002691545.1 XP_002691591.1
B.taurus LOC100337234 XM_002683718.1 XP_002683764.1
B.taurus LOC531878 XM_002707717.1 XP_002707763.1
B.taurus LOC787415 XM_003586666.1 XP_003586714.1
B.taurus LOC515482 XM_002691546.1 XP_002691592.1
B.taurus LOC100301469 XM_002683981.1 XP_002684027.1
B.taurus LOC509074 XM_002691548.1 XP_002691594.1
B.taurus LOC100337506 XM_002691547.1 XP_002691593.1
B.taurus LOC787071 XM_002691544.1 XP_002691590.1
M.musculus Olfr355 NM_146625.1 NP_666836.1
R.norvegicus Olr418 NM_001000825.1 NP_001000825.1

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