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Homologene:1609. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens HMGCS1 NM_001098272.2 NP_001091742.1
P.troglodytes HMGCS1 XM_003310735.1 XP_003310783.1
M.mulatta HMGCS1 XM_002804357.1 XP_002804403.1
C.lupus HMGCS1 XM_005619343.1 XP_005619400.1
B.taurus HMGCS1 NM_001206578.1 NP_001193507.1
M.musculus Hmgcs1 NM_145942.4 NP_666054.2
R.norvegicus Hmgcs1 NM_017268.1 NP_058964.1
G.gallus HMGCS1 NM_205411.1 NP_990742.1
D.rerio hmgcs1 NM_201085.1 NP_957379.1
D.melanogaster Hmgs NM_166169.2 NP_725570.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP005847 XM_315872.3 XP_315872.3
S.cerevisiae ERG13 NM_001182489.1 NP_013580.1
K.lactis KLLA0D10505g XM_453529.2 XP_453529.2
E.gossypii AGOS_ADL356C NM_209092.2 NP_983739.1
S.pombe hcs1 NM_001019288.2 NP_593859.1
318829 MGG_01026 XM_003717869.1 XP_003717917.1
N.crassa NCU03922 XM_952468.2 XP_957561.1
A.thaliana MVA1 NM_117251.2 NP_192919.1
O.sativa Os03g0118800 NM_001055309.1 NP_001048774.1
O.sativa Os08g0544900 NM_001068945.1 NP_001062410.1
O.sativa Os09g0521400 NM_001070241.1 NP_001063706.1
X.tropicalis hmgcs1 NM_001126700.1 NP_001120172.1

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