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Homologene:172. Gene conserved in Euteleostomi

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens IL2RG NM_000206.2 NP_000197.1
P.troglodytes LOC101059843 XM_003954019.1 XP_003954068.1
M.mulatta IL2RG NM_001035529.1 NP_001030606.1
C.lupus IL2RG NM_001003201.1 NP_001003201.1
B.taurus IL2RG NM_174359.1 NP_776784.1
M.musculus Il2rg NM_013563.3 NP_038591.1
R.norvegicus Il2rg NM_080889.1 NP_543165.1
G.gallus IL2RG NM_204527.1 NP_989858.1
D.rerio il2rga NM_001128271.1 NP_001121743.1
D.rerio il2rgb NM_001123050.1 NP_001116522.1
X.tropicalis LOC100492995 XM_002934886.2 XP_002934932.1

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