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Homologene:37462. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens CHD2 NM_001271.3 NP_001262.3
P.troglodytes CHD2 XM_001170676.3 XP_001170676.2
M.mulatta CHD2 XM_002808453.1 XP_002808499.1
C.lupus CHD2 XM_005618324.1 XP_005618381.1
M.musculus Chd2 NM_001081345.2 NP_001074814.2
R.norvegicus Chd2 NM_001107523.1 NP_001100993.1
G.gallus CHD2 XM_413879.4 XP_413879.3
D.rerio chd2 XM_005159170.1 XP_005159227.1
D.melanogaster Chd1 NM_057849.5 NP_477197.1
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP008698 XM_314800.4 XP_314800.4
C.elegans chd-1 NM_059593.6 NP_491994.2
A.thaliana CHR5 NM_126926.4 NP_178970.3
O.sativa Os07g0660200 NM_001067065.1 NP_001060530.1
X.tropicalis chd2 XM_002933307.2 XP_002933353.1

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