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Homologene:41494. Gene conserved in Bilateria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens SFXN1 NM_022754.5 NP_073591.2
P.troglodytes SFXN1 XM_001156606.1 XP_001156606.1
M.mulatta SFXN1 XM_002804647.1 XP_002804693.1
C.lupus SFXN1 XM_005619191.1 XP_005619248.1
B.taurus SFXN1 NM_001015574.1 NP_001015574.1
M.musculus Sfxn1 NM_027324.5 NP_081600.1
R.norvegicus Sfxn1 NM_001012213.1 NP_001012213.1
G.gallus SFXN1 NM_001277743.1 NP_001264672.1
D.rerio sfxn1 NM_001003537.2 NP_001003537.1
D.melanogaster CG11739 NM_141203.4 NP_649460.3
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP004519 XM_313819.5 XP_313819.4
C.elegans sfxn-1.5 NM_077548.4 NP_509949.1
X.tropicalis sfxn1 NM_001016244.2 NP_001016244.1

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