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Homologene:4371. Gene conserved in Euteleostomi

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens TBX3 NM_016569.3 NP_057653.3
P.troglodytes TBX3 XM_001154426.2 XP_001154426.1
M.mulatta TBX3 XM_001111920.1 XP_001111920.1
C.lupus TBX3 XM_005636514.1 XP_005636571.1
B.taurus TBX3 XM_002694588.3 XP_002694634.3
M.musculus Tbx3 NM_011535.3 NP_035665.2
R.norvegicus Tbx3 NM_181638.1 NP_853669.1
G.gallus TBX3 NM_001270878.1 NP_001257807.1
D.rerio tbx3a NM_001101670.2 NP_001095140.2
X.tropicalis tbx3 NM_001032353.1 NP_001027524.1

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