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Homologene:55941. Gene conserved in Bilateria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens MYH10 NM_001256012.1 NP_001242941.1
P.troglodytes MYH10 XM_001166541.3 XP_001166541.2
M.mulatta MYH10 XM_001118181.2 XP_001118181.2
C.lupus MYH10 XM_005620035.1 XP_005620092.1
B.taurus MYH10 NM_174834.1 NP_777259.1
M.musculus Myh10 NM_175260.2 NP_780469.1
R.norvegicus Myh10 NM_031520.1 NP_113708.1
G.gallus MYH10 NM_205474.1 NP_990805.1
D.rerio myh10 XM_005165719.1 XP_005165776.1
D.melanogaster zip NM_079136.3 NP_523860.2
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP007523 XM_308355.4 XP_308355.3
C.elegans nmy-1 NM_076103.4 NP_508504.2
X.tropicalis LOC100493774 XM_004916217.1 XP_004916274.1

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