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Homologene:68548. Gene conserved in Opisthokonta

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens POMT1 NM_007171.3 NP_009102.3
P.troglodytes POMT1 NM_001246645.1 NP_001233574.1
M.mulatta POMT1 XM_002799951.1 XP_002799997.1
C.lupus POMT1 XM_844761.3 XP_849854.1
B.taurus POMT1 NM_001080330.3 NP_001073799.1
M.musculus Pomt1 NM_145145.1 NP_660127.1
R.norvegicus Pomt1 NM_053406.2 NP_445858.1
G.gallus POMT1 NM_001030685.1 NP_001025856.1
D.rerio pomt1 NM_001048067.2 NP_001041532.2
D.melanogaster rt NM_079301.3 NP_524025.2
A.gambiae AgaP_AGAP010784 XM_318526.4 XP_318526.4
S.cerevisiae PMT4 NM_001181801.1 NP_012677.1
K.lactis KLLA0B03762g XM_451701.1 XP_451701.1
E.gossypii AGOS_ABL085W NM_208215.2 NP_982862.2
S.pombe ogm4 NM_001023828.2 NP_596807.1
318829 MGG_04427 XM_003713472.1 XP_003713520.1
N.crassa NCU09332 XM_958833.2 XP_963926.2
X.tropicalis pomt1 NM_001006755.2 NP_001006756.1

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