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Homologene:74538. Gene conserved in Bilateria

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens SCD NM_005063.4 NP_005054.3
P.troglodytes SCD XM_001168563.2 XP_001168563.1
M.mulatta SCD XM_001107910.2 XP_001107910.2
C.lupus SCD XM_543968.4 XP_543968.2
B.taurus SCD NM_173959.4 NP_776384.3
M.musculus Scd1 NM_009127.4 NP_033153.2
R.norvegicus Scd1 NM_139192.2 NP_631931.2
G.gallus SCD NM_204890.1 NP_990221.1
D.rerio scdb NM_001020705.1 NP_001018541.1
D.melanogaster desat2 NM_141944.2 NP_650201.1
X.tropicalis scd NM_001032329.1 NP_001027500.1

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