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Homologene:99726. Gene conserved in Eukaryota

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  Species Gene mRNA Protein
H.sapiens DPM2 NM_003863.3 NP_003854.1
P.troglodytes DPM2 XM_003312338.1 XP_003312386.1
M.mulatta DPM2 XM_001093450.2 XP_001093450.1
C.lupus DPM2 XM_005625313.1 XP_005625370.1
B.taurus DPM2 NM_001046268.2 NP_001039733.1
M.musculus Dpm2 NM_010073.2 NP_034203.1
R.norvegicus Dpm2 NM_019252.1 NP_062125.1
G.gallus DPM2 NM_001199164.1 NP_001186093.1
D.rerio dpm2 NM_001122846.1 NP_001116318.1
A.thaliana AT1G74340 NM_106094.6 NP_177574.1
O.sativa Os02g0140101 NM_001185866.1 NP_001172795.1
X.tropicalis dpm2 NM_001016297.2 NP_001016297.1

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