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blue bulletWhat is the Information Engineering Branch?

The Information Engineering Branch (IEB) is responsible for designing and building NCBI's production software and databases. Since these resources constitute the bulk of what is seen on NCBI's Web pages or FTP site, the IEB has not previously maintained a separate Web page. However, it has become clear that there is a need for a public site, primarily for software developers or other interested groups. In addition to providing documentation and access to NCBI's software tools and libraries, this site will be used to announce early versions of new resources for people to comment on.

NCBI Data in XML
NCBI software tools can now automatically produce data as either ASN.1, as before, or as XML. This provides developers access to the full internal NCBI data set using a variety of OpenSource tools. In addition, a number of new specifications are being developed to present simpler views of the data in XML, specifically for use by applications developers outside NCBI. Entrez can display and download data in XML, and a standalone tool, asn2xml, can convert ASN.1 daily update files into XML on your site. More..

blue bulletNew Tools on the NCBI Site

A set of maps are now available through the NCBI map viewer for 17 organisms. One can query for genes, contigs, change map display options and more.

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Revised December 12, 2002

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