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Acedb views of human and nematode genomes

blue bulletWhat is the IEB Research and Development Area?

This IEB Research and Development Area is a place for IEB projects and datasets which may never become fully supported NCBI resources. This includes early prototypes of software, results of early or one-off analyses, tools that a fully functional but not integrated into the main, public NCBI systems, or datasets that may have some value but do not fit well into the main NCBI pages. We hope you find them useful, but with the following caveats:

blue bulletContact and Support

None of the projects in the section is at a point where they are supported by the NCBI help desk or even the IEB toolbox email alias. Instead questions and comments must go by email to the individual who is developing any particular resource. Look for the contact information on the individual page you are interested in.

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Revised March 30, 2010

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