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SequinMacroSend Direct Submission Tool
for Large Sequin Files

   About this Tool

This page allows you to send large *.sqn submission files, prepared by Sequin or tbl2asn, directly to GenBank. It is provided as an alternative to attaching those files to e-mail messages, which can sometimes lead to e-mail delivery system problems such as encoded or corrupted messages, or to file truncation that can occur with very large files.

   What to Submit

Use this tool to send a single *.sqn file, which contains GenBank submission(s) in ASN.1 format. The "Browse..." function below allows you to select the file you want to submit. Submit only text-based files; do not submit binary files, such as .zip or WORD files.
A *.sqn ASN.1 file can be generated with Sequin (by choosing "Prepare Submission" under the File menu), or with the tbl2asn Sequin utility (a command line program that automates parts of the submission process for multiple submissions or for large sequences, such as complete genomes).

   Completing this Form

Please provide the information requested in the individual fields below (*=required) and then click on the 'Submit' button. Your submission will be sent to the GenBank staff for processing.

   Confirmation of Receipt and Temporary ID number

Immediately after completing the form, you will receive an automatically generated email, informing you that we have received your submission. The subject line of this email will include the submission's temporary identifier, a DSub number. This is not the final accession number and therefore should not be used for publication. The GenBank accession number will be assigned when your submission is processed (see below). Until you receive your GenBank accession, please include your DSub number in any communication with GenBank staff about the submission.

   Processing of your Submission

Most submissions are assigned accession numbers within two working days of their arrival. However, this may vary slightly depending on the volume at the time of your submission. If you have not heard from us within this time-frame and wish to inquire about the status of your submission,
please send an e-mail to: Please be sure to state the e-mail address that you provided below and that you submitted using the SequinMacroSend submission tool. In addition, include the submission's DSub number.

   Need Help?

If you have questions about using this tool or need help with Sequin or tbl2asn, please contact GenBank User Support at .

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