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pfam08043: Xin 
Xin repeat
The repeat has the consensus sequence GDV(K/Q/R)(T/S/G)X(R/K/T) WLFETXPLD. This repeat motif is typically found in the N-terminus of the proteins, with a copy number between 2 and 28 repeats. Direct evidence for binding to and stabilizing F-actin has been found in the human protein XIRP1. The homologs in mouse and chicken localize in the adherens junction complex of the intercalated disc in cardiac muscle and in the myotendon junction of skeletal muscle. mXin may co-localize with Vinculin which is known to attach the actin to the cytoplasmic membrane. It has been shown that the amino-terminus of human xin (CMYA1) binds the EVH1 domain of Mena/VASP/EVL, and the carboxy-terminus binds the, for the filamin family unique, domain 20 of filaminC. This confirms the proposed role of xin repeat containing proteins as F-actin-binding adapter proteins.
PSSM-Id: 311824
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Aligned: 75 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 31.4189
Threshold Setting Gi: 148677243
Created: 23-Jul-2016
Updated: 4-Aug-2016
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Sequence Alignment
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gi 81870491    341 DVQHQRHLFETCSL 354
gi 404435947   367 EVQSMRWIFENQPL 380
gi 765156293   292 EVQAVRWMFENKPL 305
gi 148677243    90 DVQCMRWIFENWRL 103
gi 512866028   986 DVSSMKYIFENQPL 999
gi 1018993307  486 DVKTVRYMFENQPL 499
gi 674081095   677 DVRHQKWVFETQPL 690
gi 404435947  1103 DVKSYRMLFETQPL 1116
gi 742168112  1251 DVKNYTMMFENQPL 1264
gi 640806047   466 DVKTVRYMFETQNL 479
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