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cd05742: Ig_VEGFR_like 
Immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domain of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor (R) and similar proteins
Ig_VEGFR_like: immunoglobulin (Ig)-like domain of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) receptor (R) and related proteins. The VEGFRs have an extracellular component with seven Ig-like domains, a transmembrane segment, and an intracellular tyrosine kinase domain interrupted by a kinase-insert domain. The VEGFR family consists of three members, VEGFR-1 (Flt-1), VEGFR-2 (KDR/Flk-1) and VEGFR-3 (Flt-4). VEGF-A interacts with both VEGFR-1 and VEGFR-2. VEGFR-1 binds strongest to VEGF, VEGF-2 binds more weakly. VEGFR-3 appears not to bind VEGF, but binds other members of the VEGF family (VEGF-C and -D). VEGFRs bind VEGFs with high affinity with the IG-like domains. VEGF-A is important to the growth and maintenance of vascular endothelial cells and to the development of new blood- and lymphatic-vessels in physiological and pathological states. VEGFR-2 is a major mediator of the mitogenic, angiogenic and microvascular permeability-enhancing effects of VEGF-A. VEGFR-1 may play an inhibitory part in these processes by binding VEGF and interfering with its interaction with VEGFR-2. VEGFR-1 has a signaling role in mediating monocyte chemotaxis. VEGFR-2 and -1 may mediate a chemotactic and a survival signal in hematopoietic stem cells or leukemia cells. VEGFR-3 has been shown to be involved in tumor angiogenesis and growth. This group also contains alpha-type platelet-derived growth factor receptor precursor (PDGFR)-alpha (CD140a), and PDGFR-beta (CD140b). PDGFRs alpha and beta have an extracellular component with five Ig-like domains, a transmembrane segment, and a cytoplasmic portion that has protein tyrosine kinase activity.
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Threshold Bit Score: 140.119
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Created: 17-Sep-2007
Updated: 18-Aug-2016
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gi 82072489   265 GESLVLNCTALvdfntGVDFQWDYPGKkenrlaslqplrnvldeateISSILSIRNIhldDSGYYTCWANTLemkRELTT 344
gi 143811474  245 GHTLVLNCTATtplntRVQMTWSYPDEknkrasvrrridqsnshaniFYSVLTIDKMqnkDKGLYTCRVRSGp--SFKSV 322
gi 129890     228 GENITLMCIVIgn--eVVNFEWTYPRKesgrlvepvt-dflldmpyhIRSILHIPSAeleDSGTYTCNVTESvndHQDEK 304

gi 82072489   345 VVIVH 349
gi 143811474  323 NTSVH 327
gi 129890     305 AINIT 309
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