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cd16461: RING-H2_EL5_like 
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RING finger, H2 subclass, found in rice E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase EL5 and similar proteins
EL5, also known as protein ELICITOR 5, is an E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase containing an N-terminal transmembrane domain and a C3H2C3-type RING-H2 finger that is a binding site for ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme (E2). It can be rapidly induced by N-acetylchitooligosaccharide elicitor. EL5 catalyzes polyubiquitination via the Lys48 residue of ubiquitin, and thus plays a crucial role as a membrane-anchored E3 in the maintenance of cell viability after the initiation of root primordial formation in rice. It also acts as an anti-cell death enzyme that might be responsible for mediating the degradation of cytotoxic proteins produced in root cells after the actions of phytohormones. Moreover, EL5 interacts with UBC5b, a rice ubiquitin carrier protein, through its RING-H2 finger. EL5 is an unstable protein, and its degradation is regulated by the C3H2C3-type RING-H2 finger in a proteasome-independent manner.
PSSM-Id: 319375
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Aligned: 18 rows
Threshold Bit Score: 62.3275
Threshold Setting Gi: 34810728
Created: 2-May-2013
Updated: 18-Aug-2016
Aligned Rows:
Zn binding siteputativeRING-H2 finger
Conserved site includes 8 residues -Click on image for an interactive view with Cn3D
Feature 1:Zn binding site [ion binding site]

Sequence Alignment
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                         10        20        30        40
Feature 1         #  #               # #  #  #             #  # 
gi 590021937 123 VCAICLEVLvde-dnIRQLKCKHLFHMRCIDLWFqkh--hvDCPLCK 166
gi 196010567 171 TCPICLETFlsg-edIRITPCQHEFHKKCVDLWFee---nyTCPLCK 213
gi 954188373 916 QCPICYSDFceg-teVKQLKCEHIYHPNCIDVWLrk---naSCPVCR 958
gi 167381188 343 DCPICLCLIeds-sdVLLTKCNHIFHKECIQVWLke---hnDCPYCR 385
gi 326430519  67 QCSICLMTYfig-dtVRVLSCEHVFHAHCVELWLntdlprsRCPLCK 112
gi 239873594 253 DCAICYTDFqdg-drIRGLRCGHDFHAACVDMWLleh--qnRCPLCL 296
gi 224004190 375 TCPVCTDSYvpgatiVRLPLCGHVFHESCALLWLtk---hnTCMYCR 418
gi 765556928 701 QCPICMECVaagdvmVRLPSCGHVFHVSCVGLWLes---htACPMCR 744
gi 116057505 402 TCTICLDDYtngeelRRLPSCKHLFHKECADLWLrg---scTCPICR 445

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