Conserved Protein Domain Family

cd16519: RING-HC_MIBs 
RING finger, HC subclass, found in mind bomb MIB1, MIB2, and similar proteins
MIBs are large, multi-domain E3 ubiquitin-protein ligases that promote ubiquitination of the cytoplasmic tails of Notch ligands. They are also responsible for TBK1 K63-linked ubiquitination and activation, promoting interferon production and controlling antiviral immunity. Moreover, MIBs selectively control responses to cytosolic RNA and regulate type I interferon transcription. Both MIB1 and MIB2 have similar domain architectures, which consist of two Mib-Herc2 domains flanking a ZZ zinc finger, a REP region including two tandem Mib repeats, an ANK region that spans ankyrin repeats, and a RNG region, where MIB1 and MIB2 contain three and two C3HC4-type RING-HC fingers, respectively. This family corresponds to the first RING-HC finger of MIB1 and MIB2, as well as the second RING-HC finger of MIB1.
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Created: 7-May-2013
Updated: 18-Aug-2016
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Zn binding siteRING-HC finger
Feature 1:Zn binding site [ion binding site]
  • Comment:Based on the structural evidence that Homo sapiens RNF123 (2MA6) binds two Zn2+ ions through its RING-HC finger.

Sequence Alignment
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Feature 1          #  #           # #   #  #        #  # 
gi 68565512   818 ECMVCSDmkrdtlFGPCGHIaTCSLCSPRv--KKCLICK 854
gi 209572707  889 ECLVCSElallvlFSPCQHRtVCEECARRm--KKCIRCQ 925
gi 68565512   865 ECVVCSDkkaavlFQPCGHMcACENCANLm--KKCVQCR 901
gi 291232869  828 DCRMCSKpvn-cqFQPCGHMvACMDCSLVf--KKCFQCK 863
gi 918314039  192 DCLLCSDkqatvkFQPCGHVvTCEDCSLKimiKKCIQCK 230
gi 780045409 1131 DCRMCQKpan-cqFKPCGHQvACMDCAVLf--QKCFSCK 1166
gi 189409095  670 PCRSCNQtac-vkFDPCGHVvVCKKCSYIv--KKCLQCG 705

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