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cd00104: KAZAL_FS 
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Kazal type serine protease inhibitors and follistatin-like domains. Kazal inhibitors inhibit serine proteases, such as, trypsin, chyomotrypsin, avian ovomucoids, and elastases. The inhibitory domain has one reactive site peptide bond, which serves the cognate enzyme as substrate. The reactive site peptide bond is a combining loop which has an identical conformation in all Kazal inhibitors and in all enzyme/inhibitor complexes. These Kazal domains (small hydrophobic core of alpha/beta structure with 3 to 4 disulfide bonds) often occur in tandem arrays. Similar domains are also present in follistatin (FS) and follistatin-like family members, which play an important role in tissue specific regulation. The FS domain consists of an N-terminal beta hairpin (FOLN/EGF-like domain) and a Kazal-like domain and has five disulfide bonds. Although the Kazal-like FS substructure is similar to Kazal proteinase inhibitors, no FS domain has yet been shown to be a proteinase inhibitor. Follistatin-like family members include SPARC, also known as, BM-40 or osteonectin, the Gallus gallus Flik protein, as well as, agrin which has a long array of FS domains. The kazal-type inhibitor domain has also been detected in an extracellular loop region of solute carrier 21 (SLC21) family members (organic anion transporters) , which may regulate the specificity of anion uptake. The distant homolog, Ascidian trypsin inhibitor, is included in this CD.
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1LDT_L      6 CPKIl-kPVCGSDGRTYANSCIARCn-----------gVSIKSEGSC 40  medicinal leech
CAC14919  510 CQPEhysPVCGSDGLMYFSLCHAGCpaatetnvdgqkvSGAAAYRPC 556 human
Q9H2Y9    561 CKIHeyePVCGSDGITYFNPCLAGCvnsgn----lstgIRNYTECTC 603 human
Q9UIG8    477 CQTDsftPVCGADGITYLSACFAGCn------------STNLTGCAC 511 human
CAF94544  267 CRTAsasPVCGSNAVTYLSACFAGCt------------RANLSGCWC 301 Tetraodon nigroviridis
CAG04193  319 CFNStisPVCGSNGLTYLSACFAGCtsr-------nsqAPTGSGCSC 358 Tetraodon nigroviridis
CAF92088  262 CRIHeyaPVCGSDGITYFNPCLAGCstvgn----dstgIRNYTDCAC 304 Tetraodon nigroviridis
XP_416420 691 CKVDqwdPVCGDNGITYMTACFAGCksst------gmgKNMFCSRNC 731 chicken
XP_418287 243 CKIHeyePVCGSDGITYFNPCLAGCinggn----hstgVRNYTECAC 285 chicken
XP_413876 198 CQTDsftPVCGADGVTYLSACFAGCs------------STNLSGCSC 232 chicken
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