Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl14603: C2 Superfamily (this model, PSSM-Id:301316 is obsolete and has been replaced by 417471)
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C2 domain
The C2 domain was first identified in PKC. C2 domains fold into an 8-standed beta-sandwich that can adopt 2 structural arrangements: Type I and Type II, distinguished by a circular permutation involving their N- and C-terminal beta strands. Many C2 domains are Ca2+-dependent membrane-targeting modules that bind a wide variety of substances including bind phospholipids, inositol polyphosphates, and intracellular proteins. Most C2 domain proteins are either signal transduction enzymes that contain a single C2 domain, such as protein kinase C, or membrane trafficking proteins which contain at least two C2 domains, such as synaptotagmin 1. However, there are a few exceptions to this including RIM isoforms and some splice variants of piccolo/aczonin and intersectin which only have a single C2 domain. C2 domains with a calcium binding region have negatively charged residues, primarily aspartates, that serve as ligands for calcium ions.
Taxonomy: root
PubMed: 61 links
Protein: Related Protein
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Accession: cl14603
PSSM Id: 301316
Name: C2
Created: 20-May-2010
Updated: 2-Feb-2016
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