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cl00175: alpha-crystallin-Hsps_p23-like Superfamily 
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alpha-crystallin domain (ACD) found in alpha-crystallin-type small heat shock proteins, and a similar domain found in p23 (a cochaperone for Hsp90) and in other p23-like proteins.
The alpha-crystallin-Hsps_p23-like superfamily includes the alpha-crystallin domain (ACD) of alpha-crystallin-type small heat shock proteins (sHsps) and a similar domain found in p23-like proteins. sHsps are small stress induced proteins with monomeric masses between 12-43 kDa, whose common feature is this ACD. sHsps are generally active as large oligomers consisting of multiple subunits, and are believed to be ATP-independent chaperones that prevent aggregation and are important in refolding in combination with other Hsps. p23 is a cochaperone of the Hsp90 chaperoning pathway. It binds Hsp90 and participates in the folding of a number of Hsp90 clients including the progesterone receptor. p23 also has a passive chaperoning activity. p23 in addition may act as the cytosolic prostaglandin E2 synthase. Included in this superfamily is the p23-like C-terminal CHORD-SGT1 (CS) domain of suppressor of G2 allele of Skp1 (Sgt1) and the p23-like domains of human butyrate-induced transcript 1 (hB-ind1), NUD (nuclear distribution) C, Melusin, and NAD(P)H cytochrome b5 (NCB5) oxidoreductase (OR).
Accession: cl00175
PSSM Id: 320797
Name: alpha-crystallin-Hsps_p23-like
Created: 8-Feb-2008
Updated: 19-Sep-2018
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