Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl15755: SAM_superfamily Superfamily 
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SAM (Sterile alpha motif )
SAM (Sterile Alpha Motif) domain is a module consisting of approximately 70 amino acids. This domain is found in the Fungi/Metazoa group and in a restricted number of bacteria. Proteins with SAM domains are represented by a wide variety of domain architectures and have different intracellular localization, including nucleus, cytoplasm and membranes. SAM domains have diverse functions. They can interact with proteins, RNAs and membrane lipids, contain site of phosphorylation and/or kinase docking site, and play a role in protein homo and hetero dimerization/oligomerization in processes ranging from signal transduction to regulation of transcription. Mutations in SAM domains have been linked to several diseases.
Taxonomy: root
PubMed: 449 links
Protein: Related Protein
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Accession: cl15755
PSSM Id: 353976
Name: SAM_superfamily
Created: 13-Jan-2012
Updated: 19-Sep-2018
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