Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl17507: LbR-like Superfamily 
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Left-handed beta-roll, including virulence factors and various other proteins
This family contains a variety of protein domains with a left-handed beta-roll structure including cell surface adhesion proteins, bacterial virulence factors, and ice-binding proteins, and other activities. UspA1 Head And Neck Domain and YadA of Yersinia are part of a class of pathogenicity factors that act as cell surface adhesion molecules, in which N-terminal head and neck domains extend from the bacterial outer membrane. The UspA1 head domain of Moraxella catarrhalis, is formed from trimeric beta-rolls of 14-16 amino acid repeats. The UspA1 head domain connects to a neck region of large extended, charged loops that maybe be ligand binding, which is in turn connected to an extended coiled coil domain that tethers the head and neck region to the cell surface via a transmembrane region. The collagen-binding domain virulence factor YadA an adhesion proteins of several Yersinia species, and related cell surface proteins. The collagen-binding portion is found in the hydrophobic N-terminal region. YadA forms a matrix on the bacterial outer membrane, which mediates binding to collagen and epithelial cells. YadA inhibits the complement-activating pathway with the coating of the cell surface with factor H, which impedes C3b molecules. The ice-binding protein of the grass Lolium perenne (LpIBP) discourages the recrystallization of ice. Ice-binding proteins produced by organisms to prevent the growing of ice are termed to anti-freeze proteins. LpIBP consists of an unusual left-handed beta roll. Ice-binding is mediated by a flat beta-sheet on one side of the helix. These domains form a left handed beta roll made up of a series of short repeated elements.
Accession: cl17507
PSSM Id: 248061
Name: LbR-like
Created: 13-Mar-2013
Updated: 19-Sep-2018
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