Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl21549: rve Superfamily 
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Integrase core domain
Integrase mediates integration of a DNA copy of the viral genome into the host chromosome. Integrase is composed of three domains. The amino-terminal domain is a zinc binding domain pfam02022. This domain is the central catalytic domain. The carboxyl terminal domain that is a non-specific DNA binding domain pfam00552. The catalytic domain acts as an endonuclease when two nucleotides are removed from the 3' ends of the blunt-ended viral DNA made by reverse transcription. This domain also catalyzes the DNA strand transfer reaction of the 3' ends of the viral DNA to the 5' ends of the integration site.
Taxonomy: root
PubMed: 3 links
Protein: Related Protein
Related Structure
Accession: cl21549
PSSM Id: 328789
Name: rve
Created: 5-Sep-2014
Updated: 5-Dec-2016
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