Conserved Protein Domain Family

cl24320: TMEM132D_C Superfamily 
Mature oligodendrocyte transmembrane protein, TMEM132D, C-term
TMEM132D_C is the C-terminal family of chordate proteins implicated in panic disorder. TMEM132D is a single-pass transmembrane protein that is highly expressed in the cortical regions of the human and mouse brain. The function is still unknown. It may act as a cell-surface marker for oligodendrocyte differentiation. Additionally, as it may be most strongly expressed in neurons and it colocalizes with actin filaments TMEM132D may be implicated in neuronal sprouting and connectivity in brain regions important for anxiety-related behaviour.
Taxonomy: Bilateria
Accession: cl24320
PSSM Id: 329407
Name: TMEM132D_C
Created: 2-Feb-2016
Updated: 5-Dec-2016
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