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Accession: PRJEB6040 ID: 243666


See Genome Information for Homo sapiens
The UK10K project proposes a series of complementary genetic approaches to find new low-frequency/rare variants contributing to disease phenotypes. These will be based on obtaining the genome-wide sequence of 4000 samples from the TwinsUK and ALSPAC cohorts (at 6x sequence coverage), and the exome sequence (protein-coding regions and related conserved sequence) of 6000 samples selected for extreme phenotypes. Our studies will focus primarily on cardiovascular-related quantitative traits, obesity and related metabolic traits, neurodevelopmental disorders and a limited number of extreme clinical phenotypes that will provide proof-of-concept for future familial trait sequencing. More...
TypeUmbrella project
SubmissionRegistration date: 5-Apr-2014
Wellcome Sanger Institute
This project encompasses the following 2 sub-projects:
Project TypeNumber of Projects
PRJEB7217Homo sapiensUK10K Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC) Variants (Wellcome Sanger Institute)
PRJEB7218Homo sapiensUK10K The Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology (TwinsUK) Variants (Wellcome Sanger Institute)

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