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Accession: PRJNA765361 ID: 765361

4DNESOUYRIO9 - sci-ATAC-seq on mESCs differentiated to embryoid body (house mouse)

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Mammalian development is associated with extensive changes in gene expression, chromatin accessibility, and nuclear structure. More...
AccessionPRJNA765361; GEO: GSE184600
Data TypeEpigenomics
OrganismMus musculus[Taxonomy ID: 10090]
Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia; Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus; Mus musculus
PublicationsBonora G et al., "Single-cell landscape of nuclear configuration and gene expression during stem cell differentiation and X inactivation.", Genome Biol, 2021 Sep 27;22(1):279
SubmissionRegistration date: 22-Sep-2021
4D Nucleome - Data Coordination and Integration Center
RelevanceModel Organism
Project Data:
Resource NameNumber
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Sequence data
SRA Experiments9
Other datasets
GEO DataSets1
GEO Data Details
Data volume, Supplementary Mbytes345
SRA Data Details
Data volume, Gbases14
Data volume, Mbytes5771

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