Table 1Correspondence of GenBank, RefSeq accession numbers, and assembled sequences for the GRCh37 reference genome

GenBank AccessionRefSeq AccessionDescription
CM000663 NC_000001 Chromosome 1
CM000664 NC_000002 Chromosome 2
CM000665 NC_000003 Chromosome 3
CM000666 NC_000004 Chromosome 4
CM000667 NC_000005 Chromosome 5
CM000668 NC_000006 Chromosome 6
CM000669 NC_000007 Chromosome 7
CM000670 NC_000008 Chromosome 8
CM000671 NC_000009 Chromosome 9
CM000672 NC_000010 Chromosome 10
CM000673 NC_000011 Chromosome 11
CM000674 NC_000012 Chromosome 12
CM000675 NC_000013 Chromosome 13
CM000676 NC_000014 Chromosome 14
CM000677 NC_000015 Chromosome 15
CM000678 NC_000016 Chromosome 16
CM000679 NC_000017 Chromosome 17
CM000680 NC_000018 Chromosome 18
CM000681 NC_000019 Chromosome 19
CM000682 NC_000020 Chromosome 20
CM000683 NC_000021 Chromosome 21
CM000684 NC_000022 Chromosome 22
CM000685 NC_000023 Chromosome X
CM000686 NC_000024 Chromosome Y
GL000250 NT_167244 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_1)
GL000251 NT_113891 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_2)
GL000252 NT_167245 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_3)
GL000253 NT_167246 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_4)
GL000254 NT_167247 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_5)
GL000255 NT_167248 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_6)
GL000256 NT_167249 MHC Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_7)
GL000257 NT_167250 UGT2B17 Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_8)
GL000258 NT_167251 MAPT Region (ALT_REF_LOCI_9)

From: NCBI News, September 2009

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