Box 1dbMHC guests and dbMHC accounts

A user can access dbMHC resources as a guest, that is, without having or being a member of an account. However, dbMHC guests will be unable to submit data to dbMHC or edit existing data. Data from a guest session will not be saved from session to session or even from frame to frame. Guests do have the option to download data from a particular session.

To create a dbMHC account, select the “Create an Account” from the left sidebar of the dbMHC homepage. Here, you will provide institutional information and specify an account administrator. Only the account administrator is allowed to do the following:

  • Enter new users.
  • View or edit existing users.
  • Change user permissions. This includes permission to modify allele reactivities and to enter new primers/probes/mixes or typing kits and to modify existing ones.
  • Edit institutional information.

From: Chapter 11, The Major Histocompatibility Complex Database, dbMHC

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