Box 5Setting allele reactivity scores

A submitter can set individual allele reactivity scores either one-by-one or in a batch. The allele reactivity score for all alleles or for individual alleles that are unedited can be set the same as dbMHC's proposed allele reactivity score.

If the user chooses to set the reactivity score as a batch, be aware that alleles within the batch that are not currently displayed will be scored as well. If the user makes a mistake in the scoring, Reset will reset the reactivity scores to the values present at the beginning of the session.

Submit stores the edited scores in the database. Once submitted, allele reactivity scores cannot be automatically reset to their prior value.

Submitting allele reactivity scores will trigger a new dbMHC allele reactivity calculation. If the submitted primer/probe sequence is shorter than 10 nucleotides, dbMHC will use the score information of the alleles to extend the probe sequence.

From: Chapter 11, The Major Histocompatibility Complex Database, dbMHC

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