Box 2: Some properties indexed by Gene

A current list can be displayed from Gene at any time by clicking on Preview/Index, selecting Properties from the pull-down menu, and clicking on Index. Definitions of all RefSeq types are maintained at the RefSeq homepage.

Property name Explanation
alive a current, primary record (i.e., not secondary or discontinued). The term secondary means a record that has been merged into another.
GeneRIF a record having one or more GeneRIF annotations attached
genetype miscrnagene encodes an RNA not in any of the specifics below
genetype otherof know type, but not any of the specific known categories
genetype protein codingencodes a protein
genetype pseudopseudogene
genetype rrnaencodes ribosomal RNA
genetype scrnaencodes small cytoplasmic RNA
genetype snornaencodes small nucleolar RNA
genetype snrnaencodes small nuclear RNA
genetype trnaencodes transfer RNA
genetype unknownthe type of gene is not known
has transcript variants a record having two or more associated RefSeq transcripts, i.e. splice variants. NOTE: this is limited to RefSeq annotation and should NOT be used to identify all genes exhibiting alternative splicing, promoter usage, and/or polyadenylation signals.
phenotypehas an associated phenotype
phenotype onlyonly method of defining this gene is by phenotype
source extrachomosomallocated extrachromosomally
source genomiclocated on a chromosome
source mitochondrionlocated in the mitochondrion
source otherlocation not included in other specifics
source organellelocated in an organelle (includes mitochondrion and plastid)
source plasmidlocated in a plasmid
source plastidlocated in a plastid
source provirallocated in a provirus
source virionlocated in a virion
srcdb refseqhas an associated RefSeq
srcdb refseq inferredhas an associated RefSeq of type inferred
srcdb refseq knownhas an associated RefSeq of type known
srcdb refseq modelhas an associated RefSeq of type model
srcdb refseq predictedhas an associated RefSeq of type predicted
srcdb refseq provisionalhas an associated RefSeq of type provisional
srcdb refseq reviewedhas an associated RefSeq of type reviewed
srcdb refseq validatedhas an associated RefSeq of type validated
Property name Explanation

From: Chapter 19, Gene: A Directory of Genes

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