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Library Submission Utility

Created: ; Last Update: November 21, 2019.

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The Library Submission Utility is a web-based, password-protected tool used to manage your Outside Tool account. In the Submission Utility users can manage:

Outside Tool

To login into the Library Submission Utility:


Go to the LinkOut Libraries webpage


Click “Library Submission” from the quick link bar under the LinkOut banner.


Log in with your library’s User Name and Password. Both User Name and Password are case sensitive. If you have forgotten your password click on “I forgot my password,” your library’s password will be sent to the email address(es) registered with LinkOut.

Image SubUtilNew2-Image001.jpg

If you do not remember your user name, go to the Outside Tool provider list.

Manage Outside Tool

Outside Tool allows an institution to place a link on every PubMed record. This link points back to a resource offered by the institution for their users.

Contact Information

The contact information is used only by the LinkOut Team and is not publicly available. It is important to keep this information current because the library contact is the recipient of the “I forgot my password” automated email and to allow the LinkOut team to contact you in the event of a problem with your account.


Click Contact Info tab to see your current contact. Click Add/Edit to edit information.


On the next screen you can edit the current information or enter additional contacts by clicking Add Contact. When you are finished, click Save. Changes will take effect immediately.

Image SubUtilNew2-Image002.jpg

Tool Settings


Edit the information as shown in the image below:


Library Name: Verify that your Library Name is correct


Description: Enter a brief description for your library (optional). This information appears in MyNCBI


Tool Label: A short label (less than 50 characters) that identifies your institution and local service in My NCBI. The label must begin with your institution's name, name abbreviation or acronym. NCBI reserves the right to adjust this label


Base URL: Enter your institution’s Outside Tool URL, right before where the PubMed ID (PMID) number is supposed to go. For example:



Help Page URL: The URL of an HTML help page that explains your service, to be used in My NCBI


Databases: Indicate whether you would like your tool to be listed in MyNCBI


Click Save (G). Updates take effect in PubMed in 48 hours

Image SubUtilNew2-Image003.jpg

Outside Tool Icon/Icon URL


At the bottom of the Outside Tool main page click Change to upload an icon or enter a URL for your Outside Tool.

Image SubUtilNew2-Image004.jpg

2. To use the default Outside Tool icon, choose the option Use the default icon (See A below). This is the default Outside Tool icon: Image SubUtilNew2-Image005.jpg

3. To provide an image located on a publicly accessible web server, enter the URL under Use an icon on the Internet (See B below) The URL must point directly to the icon file, not to an HTML page.

4. To upload an image file from your computer, choose the option Upload an icon and then click on the Browse button (C in the image below). A popup window will allow you to browse your computer for the file. Select the gif, jpg, or png file that you would like to upload. Only these image file formats can be used for your icons.

5. Click Save (D in the image below).

Image SubUtilNew2-Image006.jpg

Outside Tool Statistics

To see the statistics recorded for your Outside Tool, click “View Usage Statistics.” Statistics are kept for the current and the previous year. Statistics can be displayed for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly numbers, and can be downloaded as a CSV file (to MS Excel for example) or as a text file.

Image SubUtilNew2-Image007.jpg

The following statistics are available:

Total: The aggregation of the number of times users click on Outside Tool links and icons.

Outside Tool: Number of times users click on your library’s Outside Tool icon

otool=[outside tool username]: Number of times users click on the special URL with your Outside Tool username. The special URL turns on your library’s Outside Tool icon.

Note: Statistics may change during the first 2 weeks that they are available. After 2 weeks, statistics will be stable.


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