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Bookshelf Help [Internet].

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Quick Start Guide

Created: ; Last Update: August 27, 2013.

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From Bookshelf’s Browse Titles page you may view all of Bookshelf’s titles by title, first author/editor, publisher, publication year or type, or begin searching across the entire resource. You may browse and search across all content, or one book at a time.

By clicking on a book’s cover image or hyperlinked title, you may access an individual publication’s Table of Contents page, from which you can begin browsing or searching the contents of that particular book.

Search results will be displayed on a separate page and organized by relevance (see Displaying Your Search Results).

For a quick look at Bookshelf and its features, also visit the Tutorials page.

Search Tips

You may search Bookshelf like any other NCBI database, namely by

  • searching on any word
  • restricting the search term to a certain field using Facets
  • using the Advanced Search option to search multiple fields, or
  • applying filters to properties.

Here are some representative searches:

See Advanced Searching for more information about building specialized searches, viewing your search history, saving search results and viewing search details.


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