Figure 2. SRA Study, Experiment, and Run records.

Figure 2SRA Study, Experiment, and Run records

Top panel. The Study record (SRP000095) for 454 sequencing of James Watson's personal genome shown in the SRA browser. The record has links to display the two corresponding Experiments (right arrow) or to download the entire study (diskette icon). Middle panel. An experiment record (SRX000113) for James Watson's personal genome displayed in the Entrez SRA database with links to Reads (right arrow). Bottom panel. A Run (SRR000416) showing data for a single read (SRR000416.1) of the16,772 reads from experiment SRX000065 shown in the SRA Run browser. The application read is the sequence determined for this spot in a single instrument run. The technical read is a four base tag specific to the platform. A signals table and intensity graph (not shown) that indicate light intensity for each base in the pyrosequencing reaction is also available for each 454 read.

From: NCBI News, August 2009

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