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Molecular Structure Image for pfam10468

Inhibitor_I68: Carboxypeptidase inhibitor I68

This is a family of tick carboxypetidase inhibitors.

Molecular Structure Image for cd19459

lipocalin_C1_moubatin-like: Ornithodoros moubata CI, O. moubata moubatin, and similar proteins

The soft tick Ornithodoros moubata complement inhibitor CI (OmCI, also known as coversin) specifical...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam07771

TSGP1: Tick salivary peptide group 1

This contains a group of peptides derived from a salivary gland cDNA library of the tick Ixodes scap...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam11714

Inhibitor_I53: Thrombin inhibitor Madanin

Members of this family are the peptidase inhibitor madanin proteins. These proteins were isolated fr...

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