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Molecular Structure Image for pfam09108

Xol-1_N: Switch protein XOL-1, N-terminal

Members of this family, which are required for the formation of the active site of the sex-determini...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam05671

GETHR: GETHR pentapeptide repeat (5 copies)

This pentapeptide repeat is found mainly in C. elegans. The most conserved amino acid at each positi...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam01827

FTH: FTH domain

This presumed domain is likely to be a protein-protein interaction module. It is found in many prote...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam01549

ShK: ShK domain-like

This domain of is found in several C. elegans proteins. The domain is 30 amino acids long and rich i...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06162

PgaPase_1: Putative pyroglutamyl peptidase PgaPase_1

PgaPase_1 is a family of functionally diverse Caenorhabditis proteins. The family is homologous to t...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02460

Patched: Patched family

The transmembrane protein Patched is a receptor for the morphogene Sonic Hedgehog. This protein asso...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06681

DUF1182: Protein of unknown function (DUF1182)

This family consists of several hypothetical proteins of around 360 residues in length and seems to ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam04747

DUF612: Protein of unknown function, DUF612

This family includes several uncharacterized proteins from Caenorhabditis elegans.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02408

CUB_2: CUB-like domain

This is a family of hypothetical C. elegans proteins. The aligned region has no known function nor d...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03383

Serpentine_r_xa: Caenorhabditis serpentine receptor-like protein, class xa

This family contains various Caenorhabditis proteins, some of which are annotated as being serpentin...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03125

Sre: C. elegans Sre G protein-coupled chemoreceptor

Caenorhabditis elegans Sre proteins are candidate chemosensory receptors. There are four main recogn...

Molecular Structure Image for cd01477


VWA F09G8.8 type: Von Willebrand factor type A (vWA) domain was originally found in the blood coagul...

Molecular Structure Image for cd01476


VWA_integrin (invertebrates): Integrins are a family of cell surface receptors that have diverse fun...

Molecular Structure Image for smart01048

C6: This domain of unknown function is found in a C. elegans protein

It is presumed to be an extracellular domain. The C6 domain contains six conserved cysteine residues...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06342

DUF1057: Alpha/beta hydrolase of unknown function (DUF1057)

This family consists of several Caenorhabditis elegans specific proteins of unknown function. Member...

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