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Molecular Structure Image for pfam16474

KIND: Kinase non-catalytic C-lobe domain

The KIND domain (kinase non-catalytic C-lobe domain) evolved from a catalytic protein kinase fold an...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12330

Haspin_kinase: Haspin like kinase domain

This family represents the haspin-like kinase domains.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12260

PIP49_C: Protein-kinase domain of FAM69

This is the C-terminal region of a family of FAM69 proteins from Metazoa and Viridiplantae that are ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam10707

YrbL-PhoP_reg: PhoP regulatory network protein YrbL

This is a family of proteins that are activated by PhoP. PhoP protein controls the expression of a l...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06293

Kdo: Lipopolysaccharide kinase (Kdo/WaaP) family

These lipopolysaccharide kinases are related to protein kinases pfam00069. This family includes waaP...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam04655

APH_6_hur: Aminoglycoside/hydroxyurea antibiotic resistance kinase

The aminoglycoside phosphotransferases achieve inactivation of their antibiotic substrates by phosph...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03881

Fructosamin_kin: Fructosamine kinase

This family includes eukaryotic fructosamine-3-kinase enzymes. The family also includes bacterial me...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02958

EcKinase: Ecdysteroid kinase

This family includes ecdysteroid 22-kinase, an enzyme responsible for the phosphorylation of ecdyste...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam01163

RIO1: RIO1 family

This is a family of atypical serine kinases which are found in archaea, bacteria and eukaryotes. Act...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam00454

PI3_PI4_kinase: Phosphatidylinositol 3- and 4-kinase

Some members of this family probably do not have lipid kinase activity and are protein kinases.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam09192

Act-Frag_cataly: Actin-fragmin kinase, catalytic

Members of this family assume a secondary structure consisting of eight beta strands and 11 alpha-he...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam07914

DUF1679: Protein of unknown function (DUF1679)

The region featured in this family is found in a number of C. elegans proteins, in one case as a rep...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06176

WaaY: Lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis protein (WaaY)

This family consists of several bacterial lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis proteins (WaaY or Rfa...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03109

ABC1: ABC1 family

This family includes ABC1 from yeast and AarF from E. coli. These proteins have a nuclear or mitocho...

Molecular Structure Image for TIGR03843

TIGR03843: conserved hypothetical protein

This model represents a protein family largely restricted to the Actinobacteria (high-GC Gram-positi...

Molecular Structure Image for TIGR03724

arch_bud32: Kae1-associated kinase Bud32

Members of this protein family are the Bud32 protein associated with Kae1 (kinase-associated endopep...

Molecular Structure Image for TIGR02904

spore_ysxE: spore coat protein YsxE

Members of this family are homologs of the Bacillus subtilis spore coat protein CotS. Members of thi...

Molecular Structure Image for TIGR02721

ycfN_thiK: thiamine kinase

Members of this family are the ycfN gene product of Escherichia coli, now identified as the salvage ...

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