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Molecular Structure Image for pfam11933

Na_trans_cytopl: Cytoplasmic domain of voltage-gated Na+ ion channel

This is a large cytoplasmic domain towards the start of voltage-dependent sodium ion channel protein...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06512

Na_trans_assoc: Sodium ion transport-associated

Members of this family contain a region found exclusively in eukaryotic sodium channels or their sub...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam00520

Ion_trans: Ion transport protein

This family contains sodium, potassium and calcium ion channels. This family is 6 transmembrane heli...

Molecular Structure Image for cd13433

Na_channel_gate: Inactivation gate of the voltage-gated sodium channel alpha subunits

This region is part of the intracellular linker between domains III and IV of the alpha subunits of ...

Molecular Structure Image for smart00015

IQ: Calmodulin-binding motif

Short calmodulin-binding motif containing conserved Ile and Gln residues.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16905

GPHH: Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel, IQ-associated

GPHH is a sequence motif found in this short domain on voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel prot...

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