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Molecular Structure Image for pfam06815

RVT_connect: Reverse transcriptase connection domain

This domain is known as the connection domain. This domain lies between the thumb and palm domains.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02093

Gag_p30: Gag P30 core shell protein

According to Swiss-Prot annotation this protein is the viral core shell protein. P30 is essential fo...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam18103

SH3_11: Retroviral integrase C-terminal SH3 domain

This is the carboxy-terminal domain (CTD) found in retroviral integrase, an essential retroviral enz...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam17495

DUF5430: Family of unknown function (DUF5430)

This is a family of unknown function found in Feline immunodeficiency virus.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam08705

Gag_p6: Gag protein p6

HIV protein p6 contains two late-budding domains (L domains) which are short sequence motifs essenti...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam00539

Tat: Transactivating regulatory protein (Tat)

The retroviral Tat protein binds to the Tar RNA. This activates transcriptional initiation and elong...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16721

zf-H3C2: Zinc-finger like, probable DNA-binding

This is a family of probably DNA-binding zinc-fingers found on Gag-Pol polyproteins from mouse retro...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam12233

p12I: Human adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma virus protein

This family of proteins is found in viruses. Proteins in this family are approximately 100 amino aci...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06361

RTBV_P12: Rice tungro bacilliform virus P12 protein

This family consists of several Rice tungro bacilliform virus P12 proteins. The function of this fam...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam06216

RTBV_P46: Rice tungro bacilliform virus P46 protein

This family consists of several Rice tungro bacilliform virus P46 proteins. The function of this fam...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03708

Avian_gp85: Avian retrovirus envelope protein, gp85

Family of a vain specific viral glycoproteins that forms a receptor-binding gp85 polypeptide that is...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam03408

Foamy_virus_ENV: Foamy virus envelope protein

Expression of the envelope (Env) glycoprotein is essential for viral particle egress. This feature i...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02959

Tax: HTLV Tax

Human T-cell leukaemia virus type I (HTLV-I) is the etiological agent for adult T-cell leukaemia (AT...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02813

Retro_M: Retroviral M domain

Retroviruses contain a small protein, MA (matrix), which forms a protein lining immediately beneath ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam02228

Gag_p19: Major core protein p19

p19 is a component of the inner protein layer of the viral nucleocapsid.

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