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Molecular Structure Image for cl17096

gal11_coact: gall11 coactivator domain

Gall11/MED15 acts in the general regulation of GAL structural genes and is required for full express...

Molecular Structure Image for cd20559

CYCLIN_ScCLN_like: cyclin box found in Saccharomyces cerevisiae G1/S-specific cyclins (ScCLNs) and similar proteins

ScCLNs, including ScCLN1-3, are essential for the control of the cell cycle at the G1/S (start) tran...

Molecular Structure Image for cd12669

RRM1_Nop12p_like: RNA recognition motif 1 (RRM1) found in yeast nucleolar protein 12 (Nop12p) and similar proteins

This subgroup corresponds to the RRM1 of Nop12p which is encoded by YOL041C from Saccharomyces cerev...

Molecular Structure Image for cd12265

RRM_SLT11: RNA recognition motif (RRM) found in pre-mRNA-splicing factor SLT11 and similar proteins

This subfamily corresponds to the RRM of SLT11, also known as extracellular mutant protein 2, or syn...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam18107

HTH_ABP1_N: Fission yeast centromere protein N-terminal domain

This domain is found in the fission yeast centromere protein (Abp1) in species such as Shizosaccharo...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam17947

4HB: Four helical bundle domain

This domain is found in elongation factor 3A where it packs against the bottom of the concave face o...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16842

RRM_occluded: Occluded RNA-recognition motif

This family is an unusual, usually C-terminal, RNA-recognition motif found in fungi. In yeast it is ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16803

DRE2_N: Fe-S cluster assembly protein DRE2 N-terminus

This is the N-terminal domain of the fungal Fe-S cluster assembly protein DRE2.

Molecular Structure Image for pfam16579

AdenylateSensor: Adenylate sensor of SNF1-like protein kinase

AdenylateSensor is a family found at the C-terminus of SNF1-like protein kinases snf other protein-k...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam15624

Mif2_N: Kinetochore CENP-C fungal homolog, Mif2, N-terminal

Mif2_N is a family of fungal proteins homologous to mammalian CENP-C. On depletion of CENP-C proper ...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam15460

SAS4: Something about silencing, SAS, complex subunit 4

SAS4 is a family of largely fungal silencing regulators. This silencing is mediated by chromatin. SA...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14611

SLS: Mitochondrial inner-membrane-bound regulator

SLS is a fungal domain found bound to the mitochondrial inner-membrane. It reacts physically with fu...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14610

DUF4448: Protein of unknown function (DUF4448)

This is a family of predicted membrane glycoproteins from fungi. However there appears, visually, to...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14475

Mso1_Sec1_bdg: Sec1-binding region of Mso1

Mso1p is a component of the secretory vesicle docking complex whose function is closely associated w...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam14420

Clr5: Clr5 domain

This domain is found at the N-terminus of the Clr5 protein which has been shown to be involved in si...

Molecular Structure Image for pfam13095

FTA2: Kinetochore Sim4 complex subunit FTA2

Fission yeast has three kinetochore protein complexes. Two complexes, Sim4 and Ndc80-MIND-Spc7 (NMS)...

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