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Order cDNA clones for Mus musculus gene Smap1

Smap1 small ArfGAP 1

The following clone(s) can be purchased through any of the IMAGE distributors. Some of them have provided direct order link(s) for your convenience.

  • Clone: MGC:6912 (IMAGE: 2810817)
  • Clone Sequence: BC006946.1
  • Vector: pCMV-SPORT6
  • Corresponding RefSeq mRNA: NM_028534.2

I.M.A.G.E. Distributors

The I.M.A.G.E Consortium, headquartered at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has handled clone arraying, archiving, and distribution for a number of large-scale projects, including MGC and The ORFeome Collaboration.

Please see the I.M.A.G.E Homepage for more information.

Distribution of the physical reagents, either individual clones or entire collections, is handled by the following U.S., European and Asian suppliers:

Mammalian Gene Collection

The NIH Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) project aims to identify at least one full-ORF cDNA clone for each human and mouse gene, produce a high-accuracy sequence, and make the physical reagents easily available to researchers. The collection is augmented by a limited number of rat cDNAs and non-mammalian clones coming from the affiliated Zebrafish (ZGC) and Xenopus (XGC) projects.