download a gene dataset by NCBI Gene ID


download a gene dataset by NCBI Gene ID


datasets download gene gene-id - download a gene dataset by NCBI Gene ID


datasets download gene gene-id <gene-id ...> [flags]


Download a gene dataset by NCBI Gene ID. Gene data packages include gene, transcript and protein sequence, a data table and a data report. Datasets are downloaded as a zip file.

The default gene dataset includes the following files:

  • gene.fna (gene sequences)
  • rna.fna (transcript sequences)
  • protein.faa (protein sequences)
  • data_report.jsonl (data report with gene metadata)
  • data_table.tsv (data table with gene metadata, one transcript per row)
  • dataset_catalog.json (a list of files and file types included in the dataset)

Refer to NCBI Datasets Gene Package documentation for more information about the gene package.


  datasets download gene gene-id 672
  datasets download gene gene-id 2597 14433


      --api-key string             NCBI Datasets API Key
      --exclude-gene               exclude gene.fna (gene sequence file)
      --exclude-protein            exclude protein.faa (protein sequence file)
      --exclude-rna                exclude rna.fna (transcript sequence file)
      --fasta-filter strings       limit gene fasta download to a specific list of accessions
      --fasta-filter-file string   file of accessions to limit gene fasta download
      --filename string            specify a custom file name for the downloaded dataset (default "")
  -h, --help                       help for gene-id
      --include-3p-utr             include 3p_utr.fna (3'-UTR sequence file)
      --include-5p-utr             include 5p_utr.fna (5'-UTR sequence file)
      --include-cds                include cds.fna (CDS sequence file)
  -i, --inputfile string           read a list of NCBI Gene IDs from a file to use as input
      --no-progressbar             hide progress bar
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