Summary of nstd186 (NCBI Curated Common Structural Variants)

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  1. Methods
  2. Statistics of nstd186 Variants
    1. Variant Call Types
    2. Variant Calls with Population Frequencies
    3. Variant Calls Overlapping Pathogenic Variants
    4. Variant Region Types
    5. Variant Region Sources
  3. Mapping to other dbVar Studies
  4. nstd186 Load History
  5. Data Access


nstd186 contains Structural Variants (SV) imported from other studies that were originally submitted to dbVar. The criteria for including variants in NCBI Curated Common Structural Variants) are:

Statistics of nstd186 Variants

The following tables reflect current nstd186 status.

Variant Call Types

Variant Call TypeTotal Variant CallsQuery
deletion60,280"nstd186"[study] AND "deletion"[variant_type]
insertion12,806"nstd186"[study] AND "insertion"[variant_type]
duplication12,326"nstd186"[study] AND "duplication"[variant_type]
alu insertion11,380"nstd186"[study] AND "alu insertion"[variant_type]
copy number variation5,730"nstd186"[study] AND "copy number variation"[variant_type]
alu deletion4,874"nstd186"[study] AND "alu deletion"[variant_type]
line1 insertion1,441"nstd186"[study] AND "line1 insertion"[variant_type]
sva insertion758"nstd186"[study] AND "sva insertion"[variant_type]
line1 deletion585"nstd186"[study] AND "line1 deletion"[variant_type]
copy number gain430"nstd186"[study] AND "copy number gain"[variant_type]
copy number loss335"nstd186"[study] AND "copy number loss"[variant_type]
sva deletion173"nstd186"[study] AND "sva deletion"[variant_type]
mobile element insertion57"nstd186"[study] AND "mobile element insertion"[variant_type]
mobile element deletion43"nstd186"[study] AND "mobile element deletion"[variant_type]
herv deletion1"nstd186"[study] AND "herv deletion"[variant_type]

Variant Calls with Population Frequencies

PopulationTotal Variant CallsQuery
AFR44,088"nstd186"[study] AND "AFR"[population]
ALL111,219"nstd186"[study] AND "ALL"[population]
AMR44,088"nstd186"[study] AND "AMR"[population]
EAS44,088"nstd186"[study] AND "EAS"[population]
EUR44,088"nstd186"[study] AND "EUR"[population]
OTH29,922"nstd186"[study] AND "OTH"[population]
SAS14,166"nstd186"[study] AND "SAS"[population]

Variant Calls Overlapping Pathogenic Variants

Counts of variants with at least 10% reciprocal overlap with Pathogenic variants from Clinical Structural Variants (nstd102), based on GRCh38.
Overlap RangeCommon SVsClinical SVsTotal OverlapsPercent of Total OverlapsQuery
10 to 25 %9051,9504,51566.00"nstd186"[study] AND "10 to 25"[pathogenic_overlap_range]
25 to 50 %3359251,57122.96"nstd186"[study] AND "25 to 50"[pathogenic_overlap_range]
50 to 75 %1712824586.69"nstd186"[study] AND "50 to 75"[pathogenic_overlap_range]
75 to 90 %831462073.03"nstd186"[study] AND "75 to 90"[pathogenic_overlap_range]
90 to 100 %4073901.32"nstd186"[study] AND "90 to 100"[pathogenic_overlap_range]

Variant Region Types

Variant Region TypeTotal Variant RegionsQuery
copy number variation63,566"nstd186"[study] AND "copy number variation"[variant_type]
mobile element insertion13,327"nstd186"[study] AND "mobile element insertion"[variant_type]
insertion12,292"nstd186"[study] AND "insertion"[variant_type]
mobile element deletion3,749"nstd186"[study] AND "mobile element deletion"[variant_type]

Variant Region Sources

Variant Region SourceTotal Variant RegionsExample
Byrska-Bishop only24,860nsv6112823
gnomAD only21,102nsv4634378
DECIPHER only15,211nsv4658010
1000 Genomes only13,360nsv4634381
Abel only11,399nsv5381825
gnomAD and Abel1,983nsv4634383
gnomAD and Byrska-Bishop1,648nsv4634398
gnomAD and Abel and Byrska-Bishop1,194nsv4634380
Lee only892nsv4726775
Abel and Byrska-Bishop694nsv5381863
1000 Genomes and gnomAD166nsv4634575
gnomAD and Lee105nsv4718556
Lee and Byrska-Bishop69nsv4726811
1000 Genomes and gnomAD and Byrska-Bishop43nsv4636539
1000 Genomes and Byrska-Bishop42nsv4635069
1000 Genomes and Abel38nsv4634874
1000 Genomes and gnomAD and Abel38nsv4634518
gnomAD and Lee and Byrska-Bishop36nsv4718801
1000 Genomes and Abel and Byrska-Bishop28nsv4635009
1000 Genomes and gnomAD and Abel and Byrska-Bishop25nsv4635514
1000 Genomes and gnomAD and Lee1nsv4723298

Mapping to other dbVar Studies

All common variants from other studies in have been re-accessioned in NCBI Curated Common Structural Variants (nstd186). A file mapping accessions in other studies to those in nstd186 is available at common_accession_mapping.txt.
StudyVariant Regions matched to nstd186Variant Regions not matched to nstd186Matching nstd186 Variant Calls
Byrska-Bishop et al. 202228,640144,69228,640
Abel et al. 202021,493277,59921,493
DECIPHER Consensus CNVs15,21140,46415,895
1000 Genomes Consortium Phase 3 Integrated SV13,23655,58914,166
Lee et al. 20201,103111,103

nstd186 Load History

Date UpdatedTotal common Variantsnstd186 Variant Callsnstd186 Variant RegionsComment
2022-039,661,772111,21992,934replaced old nstd206 with new
2021-089,658,644109,91187,010Loaded Byrska-Bishop version 2021/05/12.
2021-049,488,41882,57968,074Added Abel version 2021/04/08. Added Lee version 2021/01/07.
2020-129,189,32661,08655,981dbVar December 2020 Release.
2020-119,188,21261,08656,089Added Lee version 2020/08/24.
2020-109,188,21259,98355,027October 2020 Release.
2020-099,188,21259,98355,144Added DECIPHER version 2020/04/17.
2020-049,188,21244,30939,477Added DECIPHER version 2020/02.
2020-039,492,70727,33423,611Added gnomAD version 2019/10/04. Added 1000 Genomes version 2016/08/02.

Data Access

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