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Heterocephalus glaber

Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat) is a species of rodent in the family Bathyergidae (African mole-rats).

Taxonomy ID: 10181

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 101725714
apolipoprotein A1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]Apo-AI, ApoA-I
ID: 101724130
hyaluronan synthase 2 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_03576
ID: 101723752
uncoupling protein 1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_13076
ID: 101703780
energy homeostasis associated [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_19851, Adropin
ID: 101716331
tribbles pseudokinase 3 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101709755
peroxiredoxin 1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_00326
ID: 101720995
triosephosphate isomerase 1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101715845
hypoxia inducible factor 1 subunit alpha [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101722466
neuregulin 1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_12360
ID: 101724262
ephrin A5 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_08703
ID: 101717009
nuclear receptor subfamily 4 group A member 2 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_19735, Nurr1
ID: 101709808
cadherin 8 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_16623, cadherin-8
ID: 101708158
cadherin 11 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_02762
ID: 101708071
inhibitor of DNA binding 2 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_02796
ID: 101707549
RAR related orphan receptor B [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_18853
ID: 101696372
cadherin 6 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_05900, cadherin-6
ID: 101725806
erb-b2 receptor tyrosine kinase 4 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101710181
ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 1 [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101703971
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]
ID: 101726783
transthyretin [Heterocephalus glaber (naked mole-rat)]GW7_20885
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