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Tupaia chinensis

Chinese tree shrew (Tupaia chinensis) is a species of placental in the family Tupaiidae (tree shrews).

Taxonomy ID: 246437

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 102503238
tumor protein p53 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159824.1 (859691..866641)TREES_T100004110, p53
ID: 102475194
mitochondrial antiviral signaling protein [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006203419.1 (2053442..2078794)TREES_T100018126
ID: 102500138
SEC14 like lipid binding 2 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159701.1 (5494743..5519088)
ID: 102491199
Fos proto-oncogene, AP-1 transcription factor subunit [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006208456.1 (3464247..3467633)TREES_T100010373
ID: 102499655
CD81 molecule [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159505.1 (6850673..6857416)TREES_T100008526
ID: 102488870
claudin 1 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006160028.1 (1657629..1672681)TREES_T100021757, Claudin-1
ID: 102495865
2'-5'-oligoadenylate synthetase 2 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159817.1 (1638616..1668928, complement)TREES_T100009946
ID: 102499942
paternally expressed 10 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006160056.1 (959195..970799)
ID: 102478354
toll like receptor 5 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006210013.1 (271914..302935, complement)TREES_T100015517
ID: 102495873
ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 3 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006205672.1 (508152..512903, complement)TREES_T100021262
ID: 102503004
toll like receptor 8 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006210084.1 (1633836..1655271, complement)TREES_T100007047
ID: 102501464
toll like receptor 4 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159542.1 (8971719..8988536)TREES_T100003856
ID: 102500591
toll like receptor 9 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006206856.1 (1519790..1525214)
ID: 102493675
toll like receptor 1 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006206760.1 (2387654..2396230)TREES_T100003652
ID: 102493265
toll like receptor 6 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006206760.1 (2365934..2375419)TREES_T100003651
ID: 102484558
toll like receptor 3 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006160208.1 (3601693..3614438)TREES_T100012427
ID: 102482498
toll like receptor 2 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006159767.1 (512161..514925)TREES_T100010691
ID: 102467662
toll like receptor 7 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006210084.1 (1686929..1706603, complement)TREES_T100007046
ID: 104797530
microRNA mir-1247 [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006160193.1 (5436290..5436347, complement)tch-mir-1247
ID: 104797529
microRNA mir-99a [Tupaia chinensis (Chinese tree shrew)]NW_006207036.1 (965613..965668, complement)tch-mir-99a
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