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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 809955
photosystem I subunit IV [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (113766..113954, complement)PopuCp141
ID: 809944
DnaK [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (106219..108081)PopuCp130
ID: 1457264
ORF75 [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (169721..169948)PopuCp191
ID: 810045
phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase beta chain [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (134173..136335, complement)PopuCp161
ID: 810035
photosystem I subunit XII [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (185834..185926, complement)PopuCp210
ID: 810034
Mg-protoporyphyrin IX chelatase [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (184540..185610, complement)PopuCp209
ID: 810032
cytochrome b559 alpha subunit [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (180963..181217, complement)PopuCp206
ID: 810031
photosystem II reaction center subunit VI [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (180814..180948, complement)PopuCp205
ID: 810030
PSII reaction center subunit XII [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (180688..180804, complement)PopuCp204
ID: 810029
photosystem II reaction center subunit X [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (180492..180611, complement)PopuCp203
ID: 810028
photosystem I subunit VIII [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (180262..180372)PopuCp202
ID: 810027
ferredoxin thioreductase subunit beta [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (179531..179887, complement)PopuCp201
ID: 810022
tryptophan synthase alpha subunit [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (176447..177268, complement)PopuCp197
ID: 810020
preprotein translocase subunit SecA [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (173619..176273)PopuCp196
ID: 810018
phosphoglycerate mutase [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (171410..173014)PopuCp194
ID: 810017
phycocyanin alpha subunit [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (170719..171207)PopuCp193
ID: 810016
phycocyanin beta subunit [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (170140..170658)PopuCp192
ID: 810015
glutamate synthase [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (164845..169461, complement)PopuCp190
ID: 810014
photosystem I iron-sulfur center [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (164452..164697, complement)PopuCp189
ID: 810011
acetyl-CoA carboxylase carboxyltransferase alpha subunit [Porphyra purpurea]NC_000925.1 (161839..162813, complement)PopuCp186
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