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Teleost fishes (Teleostei) is an infraclass of bony fish in the class Actinopteri.

Taxonomy ID: 32443

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 30592
myosin, light chain 7, regulatory [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 8, NC_007119.7 (40457107..40464935, complement)cmlc2, mlc7, mylc2a, zgc:92755
ID: 30080
melanocyte inducing transcription factor a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 6, NC_007117.7 (43399763..43433295)nacre, z3A.1
ID: 30590
tumor protein p53 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 5, NC_007116.7 (24086227..24097807)brp53, drp53, etID22686.5, fb40d06, p53, wu:fb40d06, zgc:111919
ID: 30513
myogenic differentiation 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 25, NC_007136.7 (31421253..31423459, complement)etID309723.25, myod, wu:fb57a01, zgc:136744
ID: 30425
paired box 2a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 13, NC_007124.7 (29769732..29804925)PAXZF-B, Pax-2, cb378, noi, pax-b, pax2.11, pax[zf-b], paxb, pax2a
ID: 405770
interleukin 1, beta [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 10, NC_007121.7 (44956660..44963775)il1-b, zgc:111873
ID: 30399
T-box transcription factor Ta [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 19, NC_007130.7 (14187540..14191592, complement)ZF-NTL, ZF-T, Zf-T-A, cb240, id:ibd5074, ntl, ntla, ta, wu:fc80a01, zft
ID: 30269
sonic hedgehog signaling molecule a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 7, NC_007118.7 (40884012..40891326)ShhNC, fc83d08, shh, syu, vhh-1, vhh1, wu:fc83d08
ID: 405785
tumor necrosis factor a (TNF superfamily, member 2) [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 19, NC_007130.7 (27019432..27024013)
ID: 796537
kinase insert domain receptor like [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 14, NC_007125.7 (32983769..33044952, complement)flk, flk-1, flk1, kdr, kdra, vegfr-2, vegfr2, vegfr2a, vegfr4, vegr2, wu:fk52c05
ID: 560210
heat shock cognate 70-kd protein, like [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 8, NC_007119.7 (4798158..4800911)HSP70, hsp70-4
ID: 30190
early growth response 2b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.7 (8483834..8504291, complement)KRX-20, cb427, egr2, id:ibd5073, krox20, krx20, wu:fb71h10, zgc:92210
ID: 317743
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 16, NC_007127.7 (17192671..17197601, complement)bb02e05, cb609, gapd, mg:bb02e05, wu:fb33a10, wu:ft80f05
ID: 30481
GATA binding protein 1a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 11, NC_007122.7 (25411912..25418858, complement)gata1, gta1, sb:eu551, vlt, zg1
ID: 30212
goosecoid [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 17, NC_007128.7 (19343015..19345495, complement)ZGSC, ik:tdsubc_1c10, ik:tdsubc_2g4, ik:tdsubc_2h11, xx:tdsubc_1c10, xx:tdsubc_2g4, xx:tdsubc_2h11, zgc:101595
ID: 30538
fibroblast growth factor 8a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 13, NC_007124.7 (28495517..28501985)ace, cb110, etID309886.13, fgf-8, fgf8, id:ibd5031, wu:fb73a06
ID: 30516
eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1, like 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 19, NC_007130.7 (43119014..43122337)EFL1-alpha, chunp6927, eef1a, ef1a, ik:tdsubc_2a3, ik:tdsubc_2b3, tdsubc_2a3, wu:fa91c07, wu:fa94b03, wu:fi13b09, xx:tdsubc_2a3, xx:tdsubc_2b3
ID: 337514
myeloid-specific peroxidase [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 10, NC_007121.7 (7778870..7786020, complement)drf, fj80f04, mpo, wu:fj80f04
ID: 140634
cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily A [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 18, NC_007129.7 (5588068..5598958, complement)cyp1a1, wu:fb63b04, zfCYP1A, zgc:109747
ID: 30612
bone morphogenetic protein 4 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 17, NC_007128.7 (50564103..50586135)bmp-4, zbmp-4, zgc:100779
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