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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 5521556
nanos homolog 1 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g177823, Nos2
ID: 5501905
growth/differentiation factor 6-A [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g194892, GDF5
ID: 5508966
myocyte-specific enhancer factor 2A [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g170111, Mef2
ID: 116618535
delta-stichotoxin-Sgt2a-like [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]
ID: 116616126
T-box transcription factor T homolog 1-like [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]Bra1
ID: 5521725
growth/differentiation factor 8 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g196852, gdf11, gdf8, mstn, myostatin
ID: 5519270
potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H member 6 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g160889, Erg4
ID: 5518243
protocadherin Fat 4 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g30053, hedgling
ID: 5517926
endothelial PAS domain-containing protein 1 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g161959
ID: 5516222
9-divinyl ether synthase [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g241155, EAS
ID: 5513627
bone morphogenetic protein receptor type-1B [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g165860
ID: 5511887
rho-related GTP-binding protein RhoU [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g167553
ID: 5511471
lamin-B1 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g109316, cytovec
ID: 5511185
cartilage oligomeric matrix protein [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g168100
ID: 5507857
hapless 2 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g212848, GCS1, HAP2
ID: 5505690
LWamide neuropeptides [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g126270
ID: 5510773
bone morphogenetic protein 2 [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g168498, BMP2/4
ID: 116621176
protein snail homolog Sna-like [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]SnailA
ID: 5514356
forkhead box protein A2-A [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g165261
ID: 5507996
endoribonuclease Dicer [Nematostella vectensis (starlet sea anemone)]NEMVEDRAFT_v1g119416
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