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Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573

Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573 is a below-species classification.

Taxonomy ID: 590646

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 18250894
    arginine, lysine, histidine permease Can1p [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99998
    ID: 18250891
    nascent polypeptide-associated complex subunit beta [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99946
    ID: 18250889
    DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit L [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99937
    ID: 18250888
    thioredoxin-like protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99923
    ID: 18250887
    pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99913
    ID: 18250885
    V-snare-domain-containing protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99890
    ID: 18250881
    mannose-1-phosphate guanyltransferase [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99828
    ID: 18250876
    BING4CT-domain-containing protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99717
    ID: 18250875
    Cut8-domain-containing protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99716
    ID: 18250874
    WD40 repeat-like protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99696
    ID: 18250873
    MFS general substrate transporter [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99688
    ID: 18250871
    mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99650
    ID: 18250870
    chromatin modification-related protein YNG2 [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99597
    ID: 18250869
    vWA-like protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99582
    ID: 18250868
    DEAD-domain-containing protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99577
    ID: 18250866
    DNA-binding protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99560
    ID: 18250863
    D-aspartate oxidase [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99486
    ID: 18250861
    RNA-binding domain-containing protein [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99467
    ID: 18250860
    cytochrome b5 [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99466
    ID: 18250859
    2-nitropropane dioxygenase [Yamadazyma tenuis ATCC 10573]CANTEDRAFT_99465
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